Промышленные полы Оборудование ПВХ Завесы Наши партнеры О компании


Krona Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in its field.
We one of the first in Ukraine began to arrange industrial floors with hardening dry shake topping mixtures. Great experience, qualified technical and working staff, excellent technical basis and professionalism guarantee perfect quality of work and a leading stand in this field. Our specialists have produced hundred thousands of square meters of concrete and polymeric industrial floors.

We arrange industrial floors and sell everything required for production of wearproof durable industrial floors:
- hardening dry shake topping mixtures,
- sealing impregnations,
- repair mixtures,
- consumption materials,
- equipment for arrangement of industrial floors,
- vibrating equipment etc.

Main directions of Krona Ltd. activities

selling of materials for arrangement of industrial floors

selling of professional construction equipment

arrangement of concrete and polymeric industrial floors

selling of PVC-strips and doors

Due to a deserved image of a reliable partner Krona Ltd. received the right to be an exclusive representative in Ukraine of such world-known companies as:

PANBEX (Czech Republic)
The corporation conducts scientific research, production and selling of building materials (All production has ISO 9001:2001 quality certificate). The corporation takes a leading stand in the West-European market.

Mikasa (Japan)
Producer of vibrating equipment. Share of the market of this company in Europe is about 30%. Mikasa produces tamping rammers, plate compactors, vibration rollers, concrete vibrators and concrete cutters.

Bartell Morrison Inc (Canada)
Bartell was founded by in the 1946 as a machine tool and die shop.  Bartell began to manufacture concrete finishing power trowels in the mid 1960’s and quickly became the dominant supplier to the Canadian market. In 1999 Terex Corporation bought the company and it became Terex Bartell Ltd. In March 2007, the company returned to private Canadian ownership. With the addition of the Morrison line of products, the company emerged as Bartell Morrison Inc.
The company's product lines consist of Bartell walk behind power trowels, ride-on power trowels, vibratory plate compactors, surface preparation machines, cut-off saws, diamond blades; and Morrison screeds, uni screed, sprayers, spreaders and internal eccentric vibrators.

The subsidiary of RPM, Inc (USA) produces materials for floors on the polymeric base, waterproofing membranes, durable topping for walls, fronts and roofs.

Extruflex (France)
West-European concern specializing in manufacturing of PVC-strips and sheets used for assembling of energy-efficient curtains, doors and gates.

Qualification of the company’s staff meets the highest requirements. Managers and technicians of the company raise the level of their skills at seminars and workpeople – during in-service training.
Leading specialists of the company visit both Ukrainian and international construction exhibitions to have clear and objective idea of the situation in the market and new technologies in construction. Among them are the largest European construction exhibition "BAUMA" (Munich, Germany) and internationally known exhibition "The world of concrete" (USA). Companies presented in Ukraine by Krona Ltd. take part in large international exhibitions.

KRONA Ltd also takes an active part in exhibitions itself. For example you can visit our stand at the largest Ukrainian exhibition "Construction and architecture" in Kiev.

E-mail: info@krona.com.ua

Промышленные полы Оборудование ПВХ Завесы Наши партнеры О компании

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